I’m Dyin’ Over Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Linked Instagram Captions About Their Wedding

SoOoooOOo Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger got married this weekend, about six months after getting engaged.

You might possibly well possibly also expose they got married on chronicle of they each posted the identical pic of them in marriage ceremony apparel to their Instagrams. Look hers:

And trigger they moreover posted literally equivalent captions regarding the ~magical day~.

And hers was from what I judge is the identical heart of whoever wrote it.

The ideal distinction in captions was that they swapped the half about “a dress for her, and a swimsuit for me,” with “a dress for me and a swimsuit for him”

Admire, did one in all them write it on notes after which reproduction and paste it and text it to the opposite individual??? Or did a ghost creator send them a downloadable PDF with clean spaces left for their names and [insert dress or suit here]????

I invent no longer know, nonetheless nothing says romance enjoy a truly successfully thought-out instagram!!!!!!!!! I LOVE 2019!!!!!!

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